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General & Family Medicine

NCMC General Practitioner and family medicine physician can accommodate patients of all ages as this department offers a very broad range of treatments and services for adults, children, and seniors. This department is the medical specialty which provides continuing and comprehensive healthcare for the whole family as physicians are knowledgeable in a wide range of conditions and will be able to appropriately refer to a specialist if necessary. The benefit of seeing a primary care doctor is that they can do the primary evaluation of your condition as per the services below:

  • General consultations for adults, children, and seniors.
  • Management of chronic health conditions.
  • Vaccination visits.
  • Management and treatment of minor injuries.
  • Evaluation of any medical history.
  • Referral to the appropriate specialist based on medical condition.
  • Wellness and regular health checkups.
  • Diagnose and treat all diseases related to Blood, Respiratory system, Endocrine system, Diabetes, Allergies, Renal problems and Hypertension.
  • Follow up on Diabetes Mellitus complications of adults, Hypertension and skin problems.
  • Treat and follow up on all medical, surgical and general disorders.
  • Provide Family medicine for early detection and prevention of possible genetic disease.
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